SAFEHOUSE habitats are the world’s first fully accredited and certified pressurised flexible enclosures to provide a safe environment for hot work in potentially flammable hazardous areas.

Used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream), SAFEHOUSE habitats are also suitable for applications in many other sectors, including chemical processing, distilling, food processing, marine, utilities and water treatment – any industry sector where the creation of a safe area within an otherwise hazardous working environment can be beneficial.

SAFEHOUSE habitats have a myriad of different applications, each one engineered specifically to your requirements. From reducing shut-down schedules, to eradicating odours or potential leakages by creating a negative pressure environment; we can help you improve safety, productivity and welfare.

Hot work with SAFEHOUSE habitats

SAFEHOUSE habitats can be used to carry out any type of hot work, such as welding, cutting or grinding, in a hazardous area. This is achieved by:
• Containment
• Pressurisation
• Modular construction
• Air extraction

Complementary equipment

SAFEHOUSE habitats can be used with a range of
complementary equipment including:
• Air conditioning module – SafeCool
• Heating system – SafeHeat
• Gas sensing module
• Multi sensing module
• Pressure differential module
• Remote gas sensor
• Welding control module

Support services

In preparation for the deployment of SAFEHOUSE habitats, our fully trained engineers and technicians will work closely with you to understand the full scope of requirements and associated risks. We perform detailed desktop and site surveys where required to ensure our proposed solution keeps personnel safe and drives high levels of productivity.

Risk assessments

Our trained and certified habitat technicians can be deployed to your project anywhere in the world to conduct a full risk assessment before project planning or start-up. This ensures any activity carried out by our employees and partners, or your installation team,
has been fully assessed for hazards which may impact health and safety, lead to damage to environment, plant or equipment, or adversely affect productivity.

Project management

Our project management capabilities combine with extensive experience to successfully deliver our services. They are based on the following key aspects:
• Design
• Warehouse & logistics
• Installation & monitoring

Commercial / delivery options

We offer a range of commercial options to suit your requirements. These include: rental, managed service,
sales and service, and sales. For a bespoke proposal, please get in touch.


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about us

Innovation is the beating heart of our business. It underpins our vision to be the global market leader in engineered protection for working safely in hazardous environments. Each day, we draw closer to that goal, supporting the world’s most pioneering oil and gas organisations with world-class technology, and by employing ambitious people, with big ideas, that effect change.

Founded in 2001 in Scotland, in the heart of the North Sea energy sector, our business continues to evolve and today we are proud to deliver products and services to over 50 countries globally with strong presence from Australia to the Americas.

Our technology-led engineered products and services enhance the capability, comfort and welfare of staff working in hazardous environments to increase the safety and productivity of your operations. We ensure the world’s toughest environments are safer, more productive and more economic.

As part of the Starn Group, Safehouse has been accredited by DNV GL and is found to conform to the Management System ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015/ ISO 45001:2018 standards.


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