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Printed-circuit boards (PCBs), no matter what brand or type, come attached with one inescapable reality—they are inherently failure-prone. Planning for when, rather than if, your circuit boards will malfunction thus becomes the optimal approach, as it leads to reduced costs and helps avoid future headaches.

Shipping out your faulty PCB assembly (PCBA) for service can be stressful when the production schedule is tight and board failure has already caused downtime. It pays, then, to have practiced technicians discover the root cause of a circuit board’s failure and analyze the extent of its damage.

In addition to physical damage to the circuit card, like cracks and corrosion, discrete and power components can deteriorate for a wide range of reasons, such as extreme heat, over/undervoltage surges and sags, and age. Also, contaminants like rime and dust frequently induce trace damage. Contacting a repair provider is the best way to ensure that your circuitboard assembly functions properly once it’s reinstalled and, more importantly, that your industrial electronics won’t fail again a few weeks down the road.

Even though factories save millions every year by repairing and/or reworking circuit boards, the guesswork associated with choosing a repair shop and anxiety about its quality of craftsmanship convince many plant managers to instead purchase brand new replacement boards. This decision ultimately turns costly in the short and long term. In addition to spending an arm and a leg for new boards, OEMs don’t provide preventive and corrective repair recommendations and actions to help your electronics equipment (not just the circuit-board replacement part) exceed performance expectations.

What criteria should guide your selection of a service provider for circuit-board repair or rework? We recommend focusing on “three E’s”: expertise, equipment, and economies of scale.


Circuit-board repair remains a labor-intensive process at its core, demanding highly skilled handiwork and technical knowledge.

One benefit of working with a service-centric repair company, instead of an OEM, is that its profitability depends on the capabilities and customer service of its engineers and technicians. Its ability (or inability) to deliver high-quality and reliable repairs before deadline, especially when large or complex projects are on the line, powers (or stunts) the company’s growth.

Subsequently, longevity should be given strong consideration when choosing a repair company. There’s a reason why some repair providers have been operating and growing for several decades and others stagnate after a few years in business.

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