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hydraulic and pneumatic actuators

for industrial valves

Servovalve is a company specialised in the design and production of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for industrial valves.

Servovalve actuators are used in the most advanced fields, such as nuclear, geothermal and conventional power units, offshore or onshore oil and gas, chemical industries and refineries.

Servovalve is a privately owned Italian company founded in 1976 and focused on design and manufacturing of a full range of fluid actuators (pneumatic, hydraulic, high-pressure gas, gas over oil) for the control of all kinds of valves (rotary ball and butterfly, linear globe or gate) for the most critical applications of valves on Oil & Gas (ESD, ESDV, SDV, HIPPS etc.) and Power (Turbine By-pass, Start-up Turbine, Steam/Gas recirculation, Steam conditioning etc.) industries.

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Helical Slot Actuators

Our ultra-compact helical slot actuators ready to be shipped and mounted on 18″ 2500 ball valves. Their particular design allows users to save a lot of space, fundamental requirement when we are talking about FPSO or when we have to face space constraints. Full AISI 316 control circuit complete of redundant solenoid valves and smart PST controller.

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