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Al Yaseah was established in 1981 by late Mr. Mohamed Helal Farih Al Qubaisi, an eminent UAE national, ex-government official, retired from the Water & Electricity department of the Government, and a very active member of governrment committees in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. By 1999 the company completely transformed itself from a supply company to an organization that deals with Integrity & Maintenance Services, Fabrication & Mechanical Contracting, Engineering Consultancy and Aviation Services.

With more than 100 employees in strategically located offices in the region, the Al Yaseah brand name is synonymous for excellence, safety and value among customers.

Al Yaseah established track record in the global energy industry; our broad range of equipment and modern fleet of construction and support equipment; the strong and diverse capabilities of our human talent; and our over achieving commitment to “cause no harm” as part of our corporate governance principles are our assets. These, combined with our competitive strengths, strongly position Al Yaseah to capitalize on the world’s growing energy demands.

Over the last three decades, our companies consolidated its presence in the international market with technological alliance and strategic partnership with global leaders and the undeterred journey is still continuing…


We care for our clients’ business as our business

With a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds, Our people make us different – energetic about supporting and all bound by a shared passion for problem solving. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results, true to each client’s specific situation.


To be recognized as a world-class company in the energy industry.


To consistently outperform ourselves by maintaining and achieving an above average return on investment.



We are trusted for our integrity, honesty, reliability, fairness and sincerity in working with our partners, customers and employees.


We respect and value the views of each other. We respect the laws of the countries we operate in and the confidentiality of information provided by our clients and employees. We win as a team.


We affirm and recognise the contributions made by our partners, clients and employees to the success of our business.

We value our employees, encourage their contributions and develop them to their fullest potential. We practice the 101% principle in Affirmation – finding the 1% we can affirm, and giving it 100% of our attention.


We are determined to succeed and will always rise up to any challenge and be known for our resolve in solving any problems faced by us or our clients and partners.


We excel in everything we do and are committed to delivering jobs of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.


  • NSPS:
    Complete Electrical & Power Solutions

    Established in 2012, NSPS is an Electrical Engineering specialist delivering a range of electrical and procurement services throughout many industries.

    Our team of highly skilled Field Service Engineers and Technical Support professionals continues to supply electrical design, installation, maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting in hazardous locations around the globe. Read more

  • Advalco news:
    Our new Industrial facilities in Kizad

    Recently we have started our operations in a new facility in Kizad. Our facility is furnished for machining, vulcanisation, valve assembly and testing. Read more

  • Valve Experience. 
    Made in Germany. 

    The specialist for high quality industrial valves. Appreciated all over the world. Whether intermediate flange check valves, high pressure valves or sampling systems: as a specialist for industrial valves, RITAG has an excellent reputation worldwide. Read more

  • MADCON Corporation partnered with
    Al Yaseah

    MADCON offers highly technical and patented marine and subsea services to the offshore oil & gas industry, as well as inland / civil works. We are an industry leader in structural strengthening, corrosion prevention, life extension solutions, and restoration of aging oil & gas wells. Read more

  • Norco charged with Alcad’s UK battery service for North Sea oil & gas operators

    NORCO Group Ltd has been appointed Alcad’s UK battery service centre for North Sea oil & gas operators. The team of certified technicians, based at the company headquarters in Dyce, will inspect, survey and maintain the UK’s fleet of Alcad nickel batteries, providing customers with technical support and advice. Read more

  • Engiso:
    Stop welding and bolting

    The V-MAG multipurpose Neodyme magnet is the perfect product in an ever-changing environment. The V-MAGs are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available. Read more

  • Den Holder:
    Venturi Desuperheater

    Venturi desuperheaters reduce gas temperature by bringing superheated gas into direct contact with a liquid, typically this can be a steam/water combination. The gas is cooled through the evaporation of the liquid. Read more

  • Servovalve:
    Helical Slot Actuators

    Our ultracompact helical slot actuators ready to be shipped and mounted on 18″ 2500 ball valves. Their particular design allows users to save a lot of space, fundamental requirement when we are talking about FPSO or when we have to face space constraints. Full AISI 316 control circuit complete of redundant solenoid valves and smart PST controller. Read more

  • PSI Repair Services:
    The Ideal PCB Assembly Repair Shop

    Printed-circuit boards (PCBs), no matter what brand or type, come attached with one inescapable reality—they are inherently failure-prone. Planning for when, rather than if, your circuit boards will malfunction thus becomes the optimal approach, as it leads to reduced costs and helps avoid future headaches. Read more

  • Micron:
    Hydraulic reconditioning service

    Having issues with hydraulic parts is costly. Because of the machine downtime and because of the pasts replacement cost. Micron Al Yaseah offers a good solution. Saving you time and money. With the report generated by the comprehensive hydraulic test facility you will get an indepth review of the hydraulics components issues. Read more