news from our principals

  • iPS Powerful People is excited to announce iPS Select

    A new label in a globally known organization. iPS Powerful People introduces iPS Select. With this establishment iPS creates a label that fully focusses on Search & Selection of office, middle- and high management and high educated technical personnel. read more


    SAFEHOUSE habitats are the world’s first fully accredited and certified pressurised flexible enclosures to provide a safe environment for hot work in potentially flammable hazardous areas. Used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream) read more

  • Den Holder:
    Venturi Desuperheater

    Venturi desuperheaters reduce gas temperature by bringing superheated gas into direct contact with a liquid, typically this can be a steam/water combination. The gas is cooled through the evaporation of the liquid. read more


    Originally established in the UK in 1986 as Waterloo Air Technology. Following a management buy-out of Waterloo-Ozonair in 1995, the name was abbreviated to Wozair in 2000 and since then the company has expanded quickly into new sectors and across the globe. read more

  • NSPS is now V-TES

    Change is more present than ever before, and adapting to change is what makes our company the success that it is today. Constantly adjusting, developing and perfecting in all that we do.

    Over the years NSPS has adjusted from being a dedicated local oil and gas electrical engineering firm to extending its services to the public sector and the renewable industry across the globe. read more

  • Advalco news:
    Our new Industrial facilities in Kizad

    Recently we have started our operations in a new facility in Kizad. Our facility is furnished for machining, vulcanisation, valve assembly and testing. read more

  • Valve Experience. 
    Made in Germany. 

    The specialist for high quality industrial valves. Appreciated all over the world. Whether intermediate flange check valves, high pressure valves or sampling systems: as a specialist for industrial valves, RITAG has an excellent reputation worldwide. read more

  • MADCON Corporation partnered with
    Al Yaseah

    MADCON offers highly technical and patented marine and subsea services to the offshore oil & gas industry, as well as inland / civil works. We are an industry leader in structural strengthening, corrosion prevention, life extension solutions, and restoration of aging oil & gas wells. read more

  • Norco charged with Alcad’s UK battery service for North Sea oil & gas operators

    NORCO Group Ltd has been appointed Alcad’s UK battery service centre for North Sea oil & gas operators. The team of certified technicians, based at the company headquarters in Dyce, will inspect, survey and maintain the UK’s fleet of Alcad nickel batteries, providing customers with technical support and advice. read more

  • Engiso:
    Stop welding and bolting

    The V-MAG multipurpose Neodyme magnet is the perfect product in an ever-changing environment. The V-MAGs are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available. read more

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Representation in the
Abu Dhabi market

Al Yaseah Gas & Oil Industry Supplies and Services (OGISS) is an industrial supply chain specialised in servicing the energy markets. Our company started out as an agent. We grew with active principals offering quality products and quality services for the Middle Eastern markets. We represent around 40 principals and this number is growing.

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Direct access to a big
industrial market

Al Yaseah is based in Abu Dhabi, the HUB of the UAE onshore and offshore industries. Our active sales team know the decision makers in the market. They know the buyers by name. Our company is a certified supplier to all large customers as ADNOC in the U.A.E such. Our company offers a comprehensive, integrated procurement platform for industrial and laboratory equipment, consumables, manufacturing materials and services.

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Marketing tools for principals

Due to the certifications at the major buyers Al Yaseah receives many quote requests daily. So you can discuss the possibilities of your company in de concrete setting as we know what is bought, we know the prices and conditions. Furthermore, our newsletter to over 6.000 buyers is ell read and generates interest for the featured companies and products. Our principals participate in the ADIPEC fair reaching a substantial number of decision makers and influencers. We offer a very active sales team that communicates daily with the buyers. So get in touch and discuss increasing your market reach.

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product categories

• mechanical flow control
• process & Combustion
• instrumentation & Control
• labrotory equipment
• drilling equipment
• material outsourcing
• upstream & Downstream