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  • Den Holder:
    Venturi Desuperheater

    Venturi desuperheaters reduce gas temperature by bringing superheated gas into direct contact with a liquid, typically this can be a steam/water combination. The gas is cooled through the evaporation of the liquid. read more

  • Servovalve:
    Helical Slot Actuators

    Our ultracompact helical slot actuators ready to be shipped and mounted on 18″ 2500 ball valves. Their particular design allows users to save a lot of space, fundamental requirement when we are talking about FPSO or when we have to face space constraints. Full AISI 316 control circuit complete of redundant solenoid valves and smart PST controller. read more

  • PSI Repair Services:
    The Ideal PCB Assembly Repair Shop

    Printed-circuit boards (PCBs), no matter what brand or type, come attached with one inescapable reality—they are inherently failure-prone. Planning for when, rather than if, your circuit boards will malfunction thus becomes the optimal approach, as it leads to reduced costs and helps avoid future headaches. read more

  • Micron:
    Hydraulic reconditioning service

    Having issues with hydraulic parts is costly. Because of the machine downtime and because of the pasts replacement cost. Micron Al Yaseah offers a good solution. Saving you time and money. With the report generated by the comprehensive hydraulic test facility you will get an indepth review of the hydraulics components issues. read more

  • Global gravity:
    Advantages of TubeLock®

    On delivery, the drill pipes, tubulars, and casing are rig-ready, while saving space. Workers will also be saving time storing and securing the tubulars. Using locked tubulars will increase the crew’s safety. TubeLock® will save you space and processing time thus keeping your business running at all times when switching to Rig-ready TubeLock® Running System. read more

  • Cyberhawk:
    On the fly inspections

    Founded in 2008 by experienced oil and gas engineers, Cyberhawk conducts close visual and thermal inspections of onshore and offshore oil and gas structures and COMAH installations using flying and crawling drones.
    Our expert pilots inspect installations such as tanks, flare stacks, pipelines, underdeck and other difficult to access locations. read more

  • DictumPro:
    software solution suite

    In the business and environmental complexity of today, companies active in large industries find it more and more difficult to realize increased economic performance, to justify costs, to use mature assets reliably, to take better decisions on production improvement and control economically and safely the operations. read more

  • Prosep:
    Osorb Media Systems (OMS)

    Clean water is a precious resource and clean water is getting more and more precious. The Oil and gas industry uses large amounts of clean water. that will be contaminated with hydrocarbons during use. Removal of all the hydrocarbon particles from the process water is still proving to be difficult. ProSep’s Osorb Media Systems (OMS) now introduces a full hydrocarbon removal from process water to less than 1 ppm. read more

  • ADNOC:
    Dh3.16bn construction deal

    Adnoc LNG, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, awarded a Dh3.16 billion ($860m) engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to a joint venture of Spanish and UAE companies as the unit moves ahead with developing the second phase of its Integrated Gas Development Expansion (IGD-E) project. read more

  • Cargostore:
    Supplying Offshore Containers

    Sponsored by the Al Yaseah Group, Cargostore Containers LLC, Abu Dhabi started supplying Offshore Containers locally to the ADNOC Group and privately owned companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Cargostore Containers LLC is the UAE branch of the UK owned Cargostore Worldwide Trading Ltd., and has been supplying quality DNV 2.7-1 certified CCU's since 1993. read more

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Al Yaseah Gas & Oil Industry Supplies and Services (OGISS) is an industrial supply chain specialised in servicing the energy markets. Our company started out as an agent. We grew with active principals offering quality products and quality services for the Middle Eastern markets. We represent around 40 principals and this number is growing.

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Al Yaseah is based in Abu Dhabi, the HUB of the UAE onshore and offshore industries. Our active sales team know the decision makers in the market. They know the buyers by name. Our company is a certified supplier to all large customers as ADNOC in the U.A.E such. Our company offers a comprehensive, integrated procurement platform for industrial and laboratory equipment, consumables, manufacturing materials and services.

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Marketing tools for principals

Due to the certifications at the major buyers Al Yaseah receives many quote requests daily. So you can discuss the possibilities of your company in de concrete setting as we know what is bought, we know the prices and conditions. Furthermore, our newsletter to over 6.000 buyers is ell read and generates interest for the featured companies and products. Our principals participate in the ADIPEC fair reaching a substantial number of decision makers and influencers. We offer a very active sales team that communicates daily with the buyers. So get in touch and discuss increasing your market reach.

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